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I went to buy a gun today...

I went to a new gun shop and his prices were too steep (trying to recover start-up costs).
went to the old stand-by shop and OMG! it looked like a Ladies Bathroom at the cinema during intermission! Standing room only, literally had to wait in line to buy ammo and they were out of everything!
The guy told me that he sold 40 guns in the first hour of business! Mind you this is a gun shop in Turlock Calif a small shop but a good one.
They have been like this and it's getting worse since all the Obama threats of "doing something" with gun control. Business is crazy, people are treeified and buying guns for several reasons but they seem to think gun ownership will get shut off soon.
Me? I just want another gun but I too think that bad social uphevial is not beyond the imagination and civil unrest is possible but not probable. I just want another gun to play with.
Thank goodness I have my sweet 2" Chief and a good Ruger Vaquero for fun, I have several .22's and even a .25 pocket gun. Glad I have some because it's a real bad time to buy a gun right now.
Another thing ammo jumped up over $9 aversge par box for basic .38 Specials!
DO you think Obama made some secret deal with the manufacturers and gets a kick-back for running gun and ammo prices up??? Wouldn't that be a Hoot?
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