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My spreadsheet, which includes load data and testing results, has the following:
Date, Target Order, Testing Distance, Target Type, Stance/support, Rate of Fire, Firearm, Caliber, Ammo Type (reload or factory), Brass Type, Primer, Projectile Weight in Grains, Projectile Type, Powder Weight in Grains, Powder Type, Cartridge OAL in Inches, Number in Measured Group, POA Offset Inches, Max. Group Spread Inches, Average to Group Center Inches, Group Width Inches, Group Height Inches, Horz. Offset from POA Inches, Vert. Offset from POA Inches, Max. Group Spread MOA, Average to Group Center MOA, Group Width MOA, Group Height MOA, Horz. Offset from POA MOA, Vert. Offset from POA MOA, Other Notes
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