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Thanks. More ??

Thanks for your input. Looks like I ought to order at least two powders.

Titegroup for the .25, .380 and .38 Spl
Unique for the 9MM, .40S&W and both .45s
Probably would not hurt to get some Win 321, too.

At least that's a start. I probably ought to load a few of each caliber and go to the range and see how they do before cranking up production.

I think I am ready to bite the bullet and order the Lee Classic Turret Kit, dies, turrets and red round turret boxes for all these calibers. then its cases, bullets, powder and storage boxes.

I'll need to clean out an area in the basement to set up shop. I have an unused John Boos Butcher Block 2' X 3' table down there but I hate to drill holes in it for the press. I may just get some help and build this:

Any suggestions?

I am not sure about the lower shelf which may hinder getting close enough to sit but I guess I could rest my feet on the lower shelf or move the lower front crossbeam back to the middle of the two lower end beams and have only a rear-half lower shelf. I think it would be sturdy enough depending on how I end screwed the front, now middle lower crossbeam to the end beams and braced it. I need to sit in a chair that I would use for reloading at the bench and do some measuring before cutting the legs and setting the shelf height. Any thoughts?

I am in Johnson City, TN. If anyone on the forum is close I would like to meet you and see your setup. I recently saw the Mxxxxxx's setup where I got to do some loading but that's the only one I've seen in person. i've seen some outstanding setups on line.

FS Reloading said I can't substitute items on the kit. I don't want the balance beam scale that is included. I offered to pay the small difference for the digital scale but it looks like I'll end up with 2 scales -- one of each.

Oh, one other thing. When i reloaded with the Mxxxxxx's, every cartridge firing pin was given a clear fingernail polish! They said it eliminates worry of moisture getting in the powder, regardless of how long the cartridge sits. Anyone else do this?
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