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I'm not going to look up the load data. I'll just assume you got your numbers right. I have used AA#2 in 9mm. I liked it. I don't shoot lead in 9mm. Your starting load of 3.4gr does sound light, as your results w/cycling and ejection indicated. I run 4.8gr AA#2 under 115 XTP. I also run a OAL of 1.118" w/the XTP. I run 115 JHP at 1.125". OAL is gun specific, that's just what I run in my P7. What I would say is there is no need to jump from 3.4gr to 4.0gr. I prefer to work up slower. I usually run 5 rounds for every tenth of a grain increase once I decide where I want to shoot for in the recommended loadings. So maybe run 5 each @ 3.6 - 3.8 - then 4.0. I don't like to make big jumps like 3.4 - 4.0. I guess you would be ok, but why take the chance? You may find 3.8 is what works best (I don't know, just saying that as an example).
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