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Would you support legislation that requires all firearms transactions to go through a FFL?
My reason for supporting this is as follows,
Where have all the illegal guns in the hands of criminals come from?
I do not support any new laws, because the anti-gun zealots will never stop. Some feel that if we give in on this or that, then it will end. It will not end. The anti-gunners would only consider it a small victory in an ongoing war to disarm every American citizen.

I was a parole officer for 30 years. Every criminal I ever dealt with, who used or possessed a firearm, had either stolen it, or purchased it from another criminal who had stolen it. They didn't go to gun shows or buy them at their LGS. Newsflash...criminals don't obey laws. They don't care what new laws Joe Biden, Gov. Cuomo or Mayor Bloomberg may come up with. If every gun in America is banned and confiscated, there will simply be a lucrative black market of firearms sales. Remember Prohibition anyone? Criminals will be heavily armed and law abiding citizens will be stripped of their ability to defend themselves.
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