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PA. Black Bears are not big because they are overweight or garbage dump bears. It's genetics and habitat. Vast isolated mountains cover the North central part of the state. The big ones are taken in the big mountains far away from towns and civilization. North Central Pa looks closer to Montana than what people would believe in the East coast. I know several +500lbs right around my home. Many hunting/Outdoor magazines do stories every year about the big bear taken in Lycoming and Clinton County.

This is a 879lbs Black bear. He barely fit end to end in a 8' pick-up box. Most all the world record Black bears come from north central Pa.
Remember, these bears are field dressed in these pics.

A nice 700lbs

A 750lbs with a 23 9/16" skull

This is a 650lbs Black Bear.

They don't call it the Pine Creek Grand Canyon for nothing. In Clinton/Lycoming county. This is also why some of the most famous long distance wildcat cartridges were born here.
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