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High grade explosives and such are where I begin to agree with one's rights infringing on another's.
High grade explosives aren't in the same category as the 2A. I'd have to agree with you on that, though.

I know. You must have led a sheltered life. I'd really rather people not have that capability for no extra discernable freedoms. It is a risk/ reward thing. I would be all for banning the LCP too if they could take down a street of large office building with a few pulls of the trigger.
Not really. Tougher than some, not as tough as others.

You sure you're not saying you'd rather give up a little freedom for a little safety?

Regardless, you're postulating IF your neighbor had a grenade launcher he'd definitely would cause grievous harm to you or others. Since I don't think high explosives should be included in ones' rights without due process and you posed that concern, that point is moot in itself.

Granted, I see your point between the destructive nature between a HE grenade and a .380ACP. I also see your point on the likelyhood of harm of said munitions are greatly different. But my point is grave consequences are in effect for that person no matter if it's a 95gr piece of lead or shrapnel.

Now, I'm at fault for digressing the thread. Future posters please help us out by focusing on the OP's intent.
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