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I'd really love to get into handloading, but I know very little about it. Is it a good thing to just buy up the equipment and dive in? Or is it extremely sensitive?
It's not rocket science. I just started and have found it to be quite enjoyable. I did find that there's alot more to case prep than I expected, but it's not hard at all to work up an accurate load. You may have a hard time finding components for 7.62 (308) right now. I don't see this problem resolving until this time next year. Even if the run on everything stopped tomorrow, it would take several months for distributors to replenish their stocks. I'd look for another semi mainstream caliber that doesn't have "evil rifle" attached to it... think .30-06 if you can stand a long action or .243 if you need a short action... both can get you to 1k without much work (243 will be a test of your wind calls). Dies and components for these shouldn't be too hard to find now while everything else is going nuts. Match ammo can be found in both calibers if you aren't going to reload. Of course, in times of good nothing can beat .308 for availability. If you can wait and deal with an ammo shortage for a year than you may be better served. Plus match ammo may still be pretty easy to find because of expense.

BTW, the rifle you're looking at is good to go. I'd buy it if I had the money.
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