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New to reloading. 9mm question

I recently purchased a dillon 650 and made my first trial run of 30ish rounds to test. I'm using Berrys brass, accurate no 2 powder, Winchester primers, and friendswood bullet company 115gr lead bullets.

My first batch I made I used 3.4 grains of powder and went by accurates websites stated oal of 1.070. The rounds barely cycled my pistol and the shot brass literally fell at my feet versus it's typical 10-15'. The max load according to accurate is 4.4gr. After I get my new primer indexer from dillon in I'm thinking about trying another batch at 4.0 gr.

Does this sounds logical to everyone as a next step or is there something else I could be missing? I've done tons of reading ad researching prior to my purchase but I just wanted to make sure I was going in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help!
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