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The "K" frame cracked forcing cones were not all heavily fouled.
Some just crack, but the single common factor seems to be shooting hot 125 grain Magnum loads in a "K" frame.

The "K" frame has a flat on the bottom of the barrel to allow the cylinder yoke to clear and that seems to weaken the cone.
The ultra hot powder driving the light bullet at high velocity hits the cone hard and the super heated powder erodes the metal.
What seems to happen is basically metal fatigue. The combination of hot, erosive gas and the impact of a light jacketed bullet just hammers the cone and work hardened it until the stresses crack or break it.

Other than that, billions of rounds of flat faced wadcutter lead bullets have been fired, and I've never heard of a forcing cone cracking on Match revolvers.
Since a reversed bullet is pretty much the same as a flat face wadcutter, I don't see how just shooting them could damage the cone.
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