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Reloading for 5.56/.223.... die recommendations anyone?

Hey y'all,
Been reloading for my .308 for almost a year now. LOVE IT. I'd like to put my Lee Turret to work on some .223 whenever stuff calms down. I'm gonna use the down time hopefully to get what I need together for this. For my .308, I settled on best practice being:

1) Partial Body/Shoulder Bump with the bottom half of a Forster Precision Bushing Bump Die

2) Decap and neck size with the Lee Collet Die

3) Trim/chamfer if necessary

4) Prime, Fill (with Autodisk, then scale for top off), then seat with a Redding Seater Die.

An odd mix of dies but my results are consistent, my groups rock, and I'm happy with it.

For the AR, I realize that full length sizing is a requirement; Therein lies the question. I think... I want to get:

1) A body die
2) The Lee Collet die
3) A seating/crimper die
4) Case trimmer

Any thoughts good or bad? There's an RCBS chargemaster in the plan as well; with the .308 I've learned that the Autodisk and I love/hate stick powder.

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