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A nice 73 that you have!
The stock has a great tiger pattern to it and looks quite well taken care of. I am assuming that you have others and do you collect the 73's?

What caliber is it and have you shot it much?

As I said in a previous post, the 73's are great pieces but just a bit more heavy than I like when shooting.

I also have two sets of the original cleaning rods, one of which still resides in the original 73 that i aquired about 20 years ago. Finding original cleaning rods is really hard to find especially along with the 73's. I guess that most owners just pulled them out and left them at home so that is why so many were just not with the piece.

It is a nice gun and is in pretty decent shape, especially for a 120 year old gun. But it was not given any special treatment until about the last 25 years of its life. Up until then it was a using gun. Although it wasn't used much past about 1970. It is a .38-40.

I don't collect '73's. It is the only one I have. I do have one other lever action. It is a Marlin 39A Golden Mountie, 1967 vintage. The last time I shot the '73 was four years ago. I shot a deer with it. I blood trailed the deer over 500 yards but could not find it. After that I have shot all my deer with my .30-06.

I don't have the cleaning rod with mine. I wish I did. You say you have two. Would you consider selling one and if you would, what would be the price?
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