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actually when it comes to guns at walmart...

the markup on firearms and ammo is actually pretty low. thus to make profit on that needs selling massive amounts. ammo is particularly unpleasant because you can go 2 months without a case of a specific cartridge coming in, have another 3 months of it sitting on the shelf before someone buys it.

others are sold before its even in the store.

at the same time, alot of the stores want to do away with ammo and guns because the majority of employees are scared crapless of the guns. management as well. i know one store where an employee whos sole job is to sell guns is so scared of guns that they discourage customers from even looking at guns.

but if walmart stopped selling guns and ammo, they would sell less clean underpants, toilet paper, personal wipes, and antacids to the antis who see that nice shiney model 700 in the case, or walk by that endcap of shotgun ammo.
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