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I am not saying I am in favor of industry standards for training, but if the NRA and the Gun makers decided to do this, I would not object. Our side needs to have enough votes in the Senate and the House to kill any new gun legislation. If we have the votes, GREAT. But we may need to buy some of those votes. If the price for those votes is an industry-led training program for new-gun purchases, I can live with that. It sure as Hell beats a ban on magazines larger than 10 rounds. If the NRA needs to offer up this kind of proposal, I will not hold it against them.
And this will help prevent another Sandy Hook ... how, exactly?

Connecticut already requires the NRA "Basic Pistol" class as a prerequisite to a carry permit, and Connecticut requires a carry permit to purchase any firearm without a mandatory 10-day waiting period. Which is why the shooter was not allowed to purchase a rifle at Dick's Sporting Goods the week prioor to the shooting -- the kid didn't want to wait.

And, as has already been stated, the NRA already offers classes in handgun safety and long gun safety. There are numerous NRA certified instructors in every state.

But the kid was thoroughly trained in firearms safety and marksmanship. He was so well-trained, in fact, that he wore earplugs during his attack. They were still in his ears when the police found his body.

ALL the guns the shooter used and carried were stolen from his mother ... after he had murdered her. How would any of what you seem to think is a good idea have prevented this?
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