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Where'd you get that idea? The law seems to disagree with you.

18 U.S.C 923(g):
(2) Each licensed collector shall maintain in a
bound volume the nature of which the Attorney
General may by regulations prescribe, records of
the receipt, sale, or other disposition of fire-
I got that idea, from the same regulations book that you quoted.
This applies ONLY to firearms obtained AFTER you obtained your license.
Before that date, you weren't a "Collector", you weren't licensed...You were John Q. Public, non-FFL , and had no recordkeeping requirements just like every other citizen that doesn't hold a FFL.

Refer to the:

"OPEN LETTER TO ALL RECENTLY FEDERALLY LICENSED COLLECTORS OF CURIO OR RELIC FIREARMS", dated Jan. 19, 2005 and since I'm not unique- would have been in everyone's big fat packet from BATF that comes with your license.

Under "REGULATORY OBLIGATIONS" on the reverse side of the letter, refer to the second bullet point:

Enter into the A/D all curios and relics acquired after receipt of the Collector's license.

If the weapon was acquired before you were licensed, it need not be included in your transaction records- from what I see...
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