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i thought snub nose revolvers weren't accurate? must be a .38spl/.357 thing.
The reason some shoot better with a 22 is purely psychological. Many will develop bad flinching habits from these ultra-light 38/357s. They kick pretty good and this can lead to "anticipating recoil" (a small flinch after trigger pull).
I think these 22s are great practice tools to better ones shooting habits.

I know this gun will be marketed for SD, but I got a LCR in 22lr for fun, and fun it is. The 22lr LCR is an absolute blast to shoot
I just picked one up a couple weeks ago, and I would have to agree... they are a blast to shoot! I was surprised how fast they rapid fire. The short trigger pull makes the next shot real quick.

The trigger pull is so short that its tempting to not let the trigger rebound all the way, but with just a little practice I was able to subdue this temptation.
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