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No, I don't own one...
But do own other Savages that we shoot long-range; and yes, the 10-FCP has been a stalwart of the Savage line for years.

You should seriously consider (= buy it) the one with the McMillan stock for long-range shooting.

The .308 is a capable round up to 1K, but there are other choices that trump it- and should be considered carefully IF you handload.

The .308 has the benefit of huge popularity, and extensive factory ammo- including factory match ammo, which is a must have for your intended use.

But, if you're really serious about long range, you need to start handloading.
Both to allow you to shoot more, for less $$ and just as importantly, to give you the flexibility in caliber selection not common commercially.

You can handload just about any 6mm- .30 cal round (except the huge powder capacity magnums) for about $.50 round for MATCH, best you can get, ammo... Ten bucks a box... half, or less, than what you'd pay for commercial match. Wouldn't take long for reloading equipment to pay for itself... and then some.

If I were in your shoes, did not handload, and had no intention of doing so, I'd look at the Savage 12 LRP in 6.5 Creedmore. Hornady has very good match ammo for this, and it's reasonably priced- and ballistically superior- to the .308 at range.

Same goes for the .260, and (my personal choice) the 7mm-.08.

The 10 FCP is a great rifle, just wouldn't be my first choice for 800-1000 yard shooting.
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