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An effective standards organization depends on voluntary compliance, in other words, the standards do not carry the force of law. But often times it is very hard to violate the standards. For example, it is not illegal for me to build a toaster without the UL listing and sell it to my neighbor. But you can't go into any store and buy a toaster that does not have the UL stamp of approval. They don't exist, no one will build one, and no store will sell one.

So in the end, voluntary standards can become virtually mandatory.
Contradiction much? voluntary, but virtually mandatory? Your example of the toaster is flawed, that's the item being standardized and regulated...not the person. People don't have to get certified to own a toaster, which is not guaranteed by the BoR. Why should they have to get certified to own a firearm, which is guaranteed by the BoR?

Furthermore, you suggest that companies/organizations effectively conspire to subvert a constitutional right, by forcing people to participate in their programs.

What about a person who has an immediate need for a firearm, are they denied the right to defend themselves because, it's Monday but the next mandatory training class to purchase a firearm isn't until Saturday? Or maybe the class is that day, but they don't have the extra money for a class and a firearm all at once? Are these mandatory classes going to be free? If so who's going to pay for it? Not everyone can set aside 4-8 hours all at once to take a mandatory class. How would you insure that the classes are offered with a frequency and method that allows it to fit all peoples schedules? Where are you going to get all these extra certified instructors to make sure classes can be offered with such frequency and methods? How about space for the classes?

Did you even consider anything besides, well it works for toasters, why shouldn't it work for a right?
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