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Hey, since all these school shootings involve schools, why not put a ban on those? don't send kids to the places that mass murderers like to attack.

When are effective solutions going to be put in place? how much are we willing to risk before something that works is done? why don't we demand better security or an armed law enforcement officer at every school?
School shootings involve schools? LOL.

As for effective solutions, nobody is willing to choke up the money for the changes that are needed. We are the same people that argue down property taxes so that we pay less tax that supports the local schools. Nobody ever seems to go in and offer to pay more than their "fair" share of taxes.

Interestingly, this may be another bully episode and the shooter was after particular people. Most of the people injured, however, were not intended victims. A teacher was hit by a single pellet, one girl suffered hearing damage, one girl was injured in the attempt to flee, and then one student was hit directly and is in critical condition. Apparently a second student was fired at and missed by the shooter.

An armed police officer is assigned to the school but he wasn’t at the school at the time of the shooting because snowfall in the area prevented his arrival, authorities said.
I am looking at the pic from the article and don't see snow. Hmmm.
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