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.40 cal loading data and primer question

So I just started reloading. I did some research and loaded up 150 rounds. But after finding this awesome forum and reading post I have begin to doubt the load that I put together. I used federal small magnum pistol primers since that's all I could find. Berry 155 grain . 401 round shoulder plated bullets. 6 grains of alliant bullseye powder. Hard crimp. OAL is 1.126. I used 6 grains because that's what alliants web site said for 155 gr Speer GDHP I figure that would work. Are magnum primers to hot for this powder. Is a 6 gr load a min or max? Should I pull the bullets and change powder or load size? Any good recipies for berrys 155 gr plated bullets. I will be shooting a xd, xd compact, glock 22, glock 23 don't know if that matters. Thanks.
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