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The 1891 Argy action is well made. However, it is a small ring and being one of the very early made mauser rifles should be limited to cartridges like the: 257Roberts, 7x57, 250 or 300 Savage, and 6.5x55 Swede. Rebarreled my teenage years deer hunting 1891 Argy around 6 years ago and I'm 65 now. I had my 91 Argy rebarreled to 257Roberts, a flat shooting cartridge on the low recoil side. 257R is actually a necked down 7x57 mauser and the 7x57 is on the lower recoil side too. Not a fan of recoil either, may explain why I have maybe 8 rifles in either 257R or 7x57. I have no problems with feeding of 257R ammo from the 7.65x53 magazine, so the 7x57 should feed just as well. FWIW, there is factory 257R + (plus) ammo availiable to buy and its not recommended to use in a 91 Argy due to its higher pressures.
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