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Live horseflies/houseflies and yellow jackets on target paper at 25, 50 and 100 yards. I like to see the resulting bug splatter on the target paper.

A small wire hanged Necco wafer, with a small Dremmel drilled hole in it.

Paintballs pierced with toothpicks and perched on top of target frames.
Swinging golf and tennis balls
Pinecones thrown-up on the backstop dirt berm {you can really make them dance}.
Tannerite in pumpkins!!!

Food --- apples, gourds, watermelons, etc etc
Metal 22 spinner targets at 100 - 200 yards.

An edge-on Ace playing card.

Sticks...dirt clods on the backstop.

A radio controlled 4 wheel robot toy, with a small vertical wooden dowel stuck in the top of the toy; with a paper plate perched on top.

My latest invention: A small {12" long} 1/32" diameter thin straight wire used for survey reference flags; that you can buy at Home Depot --- that have a small orange plastic flag on top. Bend over the top 3 inches of the wire flag and slide a shotgun shell hull, or any kind of spent brass over the top bent wire; and push the bottom of the wire into the dirt backstop. Shoot at your enjoyment.



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