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Savage 10 FCP-K, as good as it sounds??

I have looked at one of these in .308, it comes with a 24" fluted barrel and a muzzle brake. I've done lots of online research about it, and for 850 bucks, these things seem too good to be true. I'm a heck of a shot with a rifle (self taught) and I figure its time to really test myself and get out to 800 or 1000 yards, so naturally that justifies me buying a nice long-range rifle. I've decided on a 308, because after lots of research, it seems to be the most logical choice. I've thought about something bigger like a 300 Win Mag, but when comparing the ballistics to a 308 it seems like, even though it shoots a bit farther, its less accurate all around. I've even looked into 338 Lapua, but at 190 bucks per 20 match-grade rounds, that is absolutely flippin' ridiculous. I am not Bill Gates. Anyway, does anybody have a 10 FCP-K? Are they as accurate as all the claims? I'm inclined to believe that it is, but I wanted to ask personally.
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