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The heavy barrel makes for more shots in a shorter time without the barrel getting so hot. Also it helps to keep the rifle level when shooting. The expense of it is that it is heavier to carry in the field if you have to carry it for a long way.

I have the Savage Model 12 FVSS Long Range in .223 Rem. It will drive tacks. At 100 yards it will put 5 in a dime with 9 cents to spare if I do my part correctly. I have a BSA 8-24x42 IR Mil Dot. With 1/8 correction increments. I bought one and liked the heck out of it. It still sits on my CZ 527 .221 Rem Fireball. My wife bought me one to put on my Savage 2 years ago on Christmas. I still use it every weekend.) When I bought price was around $150 at Acadamey.

Skip the BDC get a standard MIL Dot scope. BDC limits you to one bullet weight, and veloclity range. While a mil is mil. (3.6 inches at 100 yards at 1x magnification.)
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