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Over the years many guns have been manufactured by companies better known for producing other products. The Singer Sewing Machine Co. is one of the better known ones.
Most of the American firms mentioned made firearms under Government contract during war time necessity.
There are several examples of this phenomenon, esp during WWII. In addition to Singer making 1911s, so did Remington Rand, who made typewriters formally. Other companies who made guns for the US without prior history or experience include International Harvester Corp (M1 rifle), and Smith Corona (03 A3). There were 9 government contract M1 carbine makers if my memory serves. IIRC, only Winchester had previously made firearms. The other 8 companies who got contracts were: Underwood (type writers), Rock-Ola (jukeboxes), National Postal Meter, Standard Products, Quality Hardware, IBM, Inland (GM division), Saginaw Steering (GM division). Also the furniture company, Irwin Pederson, was offered a contract, but there guns failed inspection, and so all of their finished parts and tooling were given to another contractor, IIRC.
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