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and it never has I get the point....

( so I'm a slave to marketing.../ but I'll keep the guns, especially the Wilsons specd the same as they came out of the factory )....I have well over 40,000 rds thru one ( its about 7 yrs old ) .....and my carry gun is about 10 yrs old ...and only has 20,000 rds or so thru it ...

but since neither of them are broke...I'm leaving the FLGR's in them....

Note: I don't keep my carry gun specd as it came out of the Wilson factory - because of lawyers...I keep it that way, because I know, Wilson knows more about their guns that I do .. ....and because I like my 5" guns with the
FLGR in them. If I thought it was better ...or if I just wanted to change something on my carry gun...I'd change it. I could care less, in general, about what lawyters say about maybe modifying a carry gun...I think its an overblown issue...

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