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"Consensus" process

Watch for the so-called concensus to emerge. News stories are telling us that concensus is starting to emerge. Yeah, right.

This is a tactic used by the activist social engineer to move people from one position to another by managing their objections in a clever manner.

They begin with a position that's the desired endpoint. (it's predetermined but not announced to any except those sponsoring the change)

They pretend to have public stakeholder discussions.

They isolate, riducule and denigrate those who object to the new position. Essentially they create a rejection of the person whose views don't go with the program. Social isolation and ridicule are used to silence rational objections. (Facilitator school trains them to make this hard to notice.)

They might form small working groups for a little while and collect the input from those groups. (and ignore it)

Then they announce that concensus has been reached.

And surprise!

It's the predetermined outcome.
No one can object because they been part of the process.

It's called "being concensed."

Do you think that the concensus is that magazines of more than 10 rounds should be banned? And how about EBRs?

It's happening now. And their fingers never leave their hands...... :-(
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