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Those 3 shots were the first shots out of a new and clean barrel. Not only that I am going to guess they used the cheapest ammo they can get. Next they put the rifle in a mechanical rest. Load a round, use the mechanical trigger. Round fires, they repeat for a 3 shot group. Also they did not use a scope. Most factories do not.

Ok now clean your rifle well. When you start with sighting it in. Note your accuracy is going to look like that for the first few shots till the right amount of carbon is deposited in the barrel, and then groups will settle.

Also hand loading will allow you to tune a good load for that rifle. I have a 527 American in .221 Rem Fireball. The factory target showed it to be about 1 MOA. The first group I shot out of it was 5 shots into one hole that measured a half inch wide.

Oh and while you are at it. Show off some pics of that rifle. Then go shoot it. I would suggest getting a bipod. Then use a small sand bag for under the rear to stabilize it. (I used fish tank rocks in a baggie srapped into two socks. for a long time.) move the rear bag forward or back to go up or down. This will increase your accuracy potential greatly.
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