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To each their own. Like NoSecondBest, over the years, I have seen far too many instances where someone tried a shot at a walnut sized target and ended up maiming a deer with the idea of "saving" a little meat. Last month, two weeks after Wisconsin's late antlerless hunt, I was out with the dog chasing grouse. Came across a deer that couldn't get up. Her bottom jaw was gone. She survived the poorly placed shot only to spend two weeks suffering and slowly starving to death. Only the good Lord knows how much longer she would've suffered had I not come along. I'm sure the hunter that maimed her was confident in his shooting abilities also. Probably one of those internet wonders that has never lost or wounded a deer in 40 years of hunting. I wonder if the few ounces of meat he was attempting to save was worth it to the deer. As for neck shots, they too are a small target, especially on a small deer. A buck in rut may have a neck that is huge, but the amount of kill zone has not increased. Here because of CWD, the DNR advises against any shot to the brain, CNS or spine because of the great increase of possible exposure to the Prion to humans.
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