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Personally, I like the full length guide rods on all of my 5" 1911's..../ all of my Wilson Combat 1911's came with them installed new out of the factory reason to get rid of them. One wilson is my primary carry gun ...the other is primarily a range practice gun.../ my Ed Brown and my Kimbers all came with the full length rod installed new as well. I spec my new guns with it ...

Yes, it means you need a bushing wrench to field strip the gun ...but so what ???

I have one 1911, a Les Baer, with the GI rod ...and I haven't replaced it ...but I think without the full length guide rod - there is a chance the spring might kink.../ and personally the spring gets away from me once in a while using the old "armors" grip on this gun with the GI rod when I field strip I just prefer the full length guide rod.
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