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If we were in normal times and conditions, and not an obamanation, I'd say get a RUGER Mark II or III and a car load of .22 ammo and start burning it up.

A bit of instruction might also be real good, someone that can watch you and pick up on your bad points before they become hard to correct.

Then A big PLUS to the suggestion of a RUGER GP 100. Wish I had a 4" GP to go with my years old Security Six 4"

I have a .45 acp, a P345 RUGER, but all in all, for a new shooter a good .357 is a really good place to start.

Then load and shoot lots of .38 loads for practice.

Don't worry about the fing of lead/powder/lube that can form ahead of the .38 cases, it can be easy to clean and providing the build up does not prevent a .357 load from chambering, is not big thing.

Some of the off brands are a poor choice and in some cases are the pits!

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