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Only if you rack the slide several times while you're wandering around in the dark warehouse, AND if you hold the gun sideways, parallel to the floor.
Our quarterdeck watch did that when he was sent to investigate a man with a gun up forward. He pulled his 45 and started to work the slide on his way up the starboard side. The young man left a trail of cartridges on the deck behind him, apparently he was a little nervous. When he got to the disturbance he had an empty gun. A visiting chaplain took out the gunman. Good thing he was there. All he wanted to do was have breakfast with a friend of his.

Melinda Herman and her husband Donnie had been to the range recently. Bad luck for Mr. Slater, She was on the phone with her husband and he told her to shoot him if he opened the door. Slater did and she did. I don't really care what kind of gun it was or what kind of bullets she used. She was ready, her 9 year old twins are safe and this is one home bad guys would do well to scratch off their list of places to go.
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