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For the book check ABC's of Reloading. IT is a collection of articles. For a beginers reloading manual for handgun Lyman Pistol & Revolver 3rd Edition is a great one. Good easy to read information. Well illustrated.

Beginner friendly rounds.

For semi auto would be .45 acp.
For revolver .38 Special

As for guns not picky about reloads. Most modern semiauto .45 acp guns will feed most shapes, and profiles of bullets.

Revolvers a used 4 inch S&W Kframe can be found for not too awful much. Or a new Ruger GP100.

I would suggest getting a range gun to start shooting with. Then later once you master the larger gun enough to be proficient then buy a smaller gun for CCW that you decide on based on a larger number of factors than I have time to get into listing.
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