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I've had three 1911s, a Taurus, a Springfield Operator, and currently my Colt Rail Gun. The Taurus and Springer both had full length guide rods, the Taurus did not require an Allen wrench to break down, the Springer did. The Taurus was pretty reliable if fed only 230gr brass cased ammo. The Springer (SA fans are about to throw rocks at me) would jam on the third mag of anything if I didn't take my finger and wipe the feed ramp clean.

My Colt, with the short guide rod only has about 120 rounds through it. But I fed it every flavor of ammo I had on hand (230gr FMJ, 185gr ZMAX, brass and steel cases, very old and very new ammo), and it didn't jam.

Maybe the guide rod has something to do with it, maybe not. Those are just my experiences.
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