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"wra 66, wcc65, wra65,lc 65, and ra65"

Typical Military head stamps.

WRA 66 - Winchester Repeating Arms 1966 vintage.
WCC 65 - Western Cartridge Corp 1965 vintage.
WRA 65 - Winchester Repeating Arms 1965 vintage.
LC 65 - Lake City 1965 vintage.
RA 65 - Remington Arms 1965 vintage.

All are Military brass head stamps. As Uncle wasn't doing a whole lot of 30-06 in 1965 and 66 and I don't know of Uncle ever doing .243s, this brass in all likely hood began life as 7.62 NATO stuff, the military version of the .308 Winchester.

The brass was good stuff. There is no reason that it can not be used, how ever as stated above, it will required some load construction processes that may not fall within the "am new to reloading" realm.

Beginning is confusing enough, start with the 'right stuff', then with experience work with the listed brass.

Always error on the side of safety,

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