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IMHO at least 50% of this nation lives rural. After 8:00pm the town P.D. shuts down. 911 calls get forwarded to the county sheriff dept for service and/or state police. At 3:00am when 3 thugs are kicking in your door and your wife a daughter are in the house in there baby doll P.J.'s a 45 minute response is a long time to wait for help as your family is being savaged by the thugs. This is the reason the people of America need/ have to have hi-cap mags. 10 rds mags are or not enough fire power. God forbid you need more fire power during the long wait for 911 response to your call for assistance

When posts are put on this forum regarding carrying extra ammo . You always get quoted that most shootings only 3 rounds are fired so no need to carry extra ammo. So they woldent have a problem with 10 rd magazines. If you have 10 magazines with 10 rounds in each you would think enough.

Lots are happy carrying 1911-s with 7 rds or revolvers with 6.
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