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I don't understand the emphasis on ammunition. Sandy Hook is the purported justification for all this furor, but how would any of the proposals have made any difference?
I understand perfectly.

Those propoasals would have made no difference whatsoever at Sandy Hook. It would have been possible for the nutter to do as much or more damage with a 12 guage shotgun and 00 buck, a samurai sword or even an aluminum t-ball bat (and the latter two weapons would have allowed him to kill for some time before the alarm was raised).

These restrictions won't stop or even reduce these rampages, as the nutters don't care what the law says.

What these things do:

1) The let all the Politicians say to all their emotionally driven flock the they did something!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111!!!!!!

2) By further restricting what can be possesed by a private Citizen, Government power is increased over the people.

3) The Government has something else to charge the Citizens with: Law abiding Citizens are hard to rule over, and criminals are easier to control...... so make more laws so as to make more criminals.
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