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Two comments .... first, to the gentleman who quoted a price of $145 for the PMR-30, I'll take all you can get at that price ... List is three or four times that ... and to the gentleman who worried about rimfires going bang; I agree that .22LR suffers from more than its share of duds. I've experienced FTF many times with a variety of .22LR handguns ... however .... I have NEVER had a .22mag fail and I've shot a lot of them. Not sure why that is, but it's my experience and I'll bet many TFL members will say the same ...

By the by, visited a big gun store in Austin to order a Springer XDm today and asked about the Ruger LCR 22.mag ... none of the distributors they deal with had any available ... they suggested placing an order, but I passed ... I'll try again in a month or two ...
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