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no offense to the original poster of this quote, but words like this...

the threat might still continue shooting at you for many seconds more.
really irritate me... this is um... never going to happen to me... never...

I can positively say, that I'll never be cornered with someone shooting at me, where my only recoarse is to shoot back... I'm just totally not of that sloppy of a mindset... I am the guy that sits with his back to the wall, facing the door, & with exits thought out, everwhere I go... if shots are fired, I'm 1st taking cover / trying to get away, 2nd calling 911 on the phone, 3rd going for my gun ( that may happen so quick, that it looks like one motion )... not trying to brag, like I'm some kind of trained commando, just if shots have been fired at me, then honestly, I've already blown it... aside from the internet commandos, & professionally trained military guys, we as CCW people have already lost the battle... 100% of my mindset is not to end up in a fast draw contest to the death, or end up in a hollywood style shootout...

in fact, if an armed gun man some how were to get the jump on me, & want my wallet, the wifes ring, etc... those go 1st, long before the gun comes out, not only am I unwilling to risk myself getting shot over something stupid, I'm also unwilling to let those around me take a bullet because of my stupidity...

if things escalate beyond simple robbery, I hope I can put a car, or building, or space between my group & the bad guy... I'm sure facts show, the victim pulling a gun ends the confrontation nearly all the time, I regularly carry 6 45 Colt rounds, but don't feel at all under gunned, with less cartridges, or smaller size bullets
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