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If you just want to plink and have fun, possibly some pelt conservative small game hunting, I would recommend a ruger 10/22. The semi auto nature allows you to have some fun and do things you cannot with a bolt, and you could even do some woods walks/run n guns with it. Just be safe and know your target and beyond.

However if accuracy, hunting, and a bolt action is desired, I would say get a good .17 hmr. You can find them for the same price as a 10/22. The ammunition is slightly more 10$/50 rounds, but it is much much more accurate, powerful, and flatter. For me 100 rounds of .17 hmr lasts as long as a box of 500 .22lr would last me with my ruger.

I personally just got bored with my 10/22. I threw a lot of rounds through it, but over the course of a year I began greatly out shooting what my gun could deliver, and traded it in for the .17 hmr.
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