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Good objects to shoot at with rimfire magnums.

I just got a savage 93r17, and had a blast with it at the range. Accuracy is insanity compared to my 10/22, and I'm loving the ballistics of it. I decided to put a D battery out and shoot that (yea I know, not great for the environment, but I needed targets and my mag-light was dead.) I was blown away not only to see the bullet go through it but completely disintegrate it.

What do you guys like to shoot with your .17hmr/.22wmr? Good plinking targets that you prefer to shoot at? At what ranges do you like to shoot at them?

I'm in the process of getting some old 20 oz co2 tanks for paintball guns. Going to remove the pressure and throw them out as a gong for a 150-200yd target.

I've heard sliced chalk works, but more effort than it would be worth to me.
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