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Actually if Walmart stopped carrying ammo I would quit going all together. Not becuase of their policy but because I did not need to drive as far to do my shopping.
+1. Generally the only reason I go to Walmart is when ammo or motor oil is on the shopping list, and I believe that their marketing department is savvy enough to realize that myself and Alabama Shooter are not the only ones like this. Furthermore, they have so many locations in gun-friendly rural areas that I'm confident they're also savvy enough not to take any overwrought missteps in an attempt to kiss up to gun-control advocates.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that black rifles will disappear, "Zombie" ammo will disappear, and some subtle changes may be made in ammo-selling policies, but that's likely to be the extent of it. I am confident that .223 will become available again once the current panic wanes.
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