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this is just my personal feelings on the matter but if I would have picked this rifle up for $90 back when ammo was 8 cents a round I would be completely in love with it and little things like rotting and shrunken wood would do little to contain my joy. on the other hand as I did not get it for that price and the ammo is over a quarter a round on a good day, it starts to lose a bit of it's appeal. anything that I have done with the SKS can also be done with a Ruger 10/22 which is cheaper to acquire and cheaper on ammo. you can't do much hunting with a 10/22 but if all you want is a plinking rifle then the 10/22 is a better deal IMHO. other guns like hipoint carbines are just as reliable, cheaper on ammo, and can be used for HD/SD/hunting and would probably do just as well at the task as a 7.62x39. however with all that said I still like my SKS and don't think I'll be selling it any time soon.
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