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What AR?

Some would reply the available one...

I think that if you look at how poorly Congress managed to put bills through last year, the worst Congress ever, I think you will see more of the same now as the parties posture for control. The no new income tax, wait, we got a payroll tax however, which is based on a percentage of your "income", is one that the liars cannot hide. There is also a growing support this time for working against the bans presented. Not just because they are so ridiculous on the left side, but because the last time Feinstein presented a bill that got through, no one thought it seriously had a chance, AND NOT AS MANY PEOPLE WHO NEEDED TO SPEAK UP, DID!

Do not become a victim to your government. While all of us mourn the losses of mass shootings, we also have to realize like Jesse Ventura said, he goes home and does not find his guns just firing on their own.

Its also about time that some of these wishy washy people in Washington learn that we are watching and we will not forgive. Don't screw us of our 2nd Amendment right on the mercy of some children. The idiot who did that would have done what he had to so he could get his 15 minutes on CNN that turned into the reports of why we don't need guns.

Man, I hate that I always get my shorts in a bunch and when it used to be just good fun to talk about mods, guns, ammo tests, I now am all about getting my elected officials to do what they said they would to get my vote. Right now typing these thoughts I am taking fingers... screw with my rights and I will take arms.
The liberties of our country, the freedoms of our civil Constitution are worth defending at all hazards; it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. ~ Samuel Adams ~
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