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Thinking about concealed carry, but have concerns
My first being, how can I concealed carry as discretely as possible?
There are many considerations which can impact your selection of how to carry concealed. You may choose more than one method to fit how you have to dress for a particular situation. Casual-wear may allow a different carry than office-wear. Additionally, females have different anatomical features which must be addressed for comfort and utility when carry concealed on the body as compared to males.
You have to research your options and decide for yourself. I have carried a full size 1911 for about 30 years in an Inside The Waistband (IWB) holster. This works for me.

My second question is, I doubt it will ever happen, but if I actually have to use my pistol, how would I be able to aim accurately?
As others have posted . . . training; and practice. You tend to do what you practice, so getting good training which teaches you the proper self-defense techniques (which should include the legal issues) is valuable.

My last question for now is what if there is someone with body armor? It seems like a lot of shootings involve a suspect with body armor, what would .40 S&W do against body armor?
This has been addressed with the Mozambique Drill or the Failure to Stop Drill. Basically, it is two shots to center of mass (COM), assess; and if the threat is still there a shot to the brain/head. To assess you take your focus from your front sight, finger off the trigger, focus on the target to determine whether the threat remains a threat (you might see two hits COM that did not solve the problem); if the threat remains you move your target from COM to the brain area, move your focus to the front sight which now aims at the brain area and get a surprise break (of the trigger) to deliver a bullet to stop the threat. You need to determine how long you take to make these shots.

As to body armor, if I remember correctly Class II-A and stronger body armor is supposed to stop all .40 S&W bullets.
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