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For example, let's say the NRA came up with a couple of different classes, one for handguns, one for hunting long guns, one for self defense long guns. When you complete a course you get an NRA card.
Because the NRA doesn't already have those and more?

but it would come with benefits
Explicitly stated, what exactly are these benefits?

It could reduce the number of firearm accidents.
Any proof to back up this idea, that cursory training reduces accidents?

The major difference in what you've proposed and current reality, is that you're proposal makes the "voluntary" part a lot less voluntary, if

A retailer who is participating in the program will require you to show the card before they will sell you a firearm. And of course, participation in the program is volutary, but it would come with benefits. I could imagine that some gun companies might require that all their dealers participate.
Not everyone will have a choice whether or not to "voluntarily" participate if the only shop in town requires it.
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