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One of my son's friends went to the GS a couple of weeks ago to get an AR and of course didn't find one. He did get a Hi-Point 9mm and paid $400 for it. I thought he got took. If they are $600 now I guess he didn't. I may have to get mine back from my son and see what it will bring.

Hey Art I know a 22 isn't much of a stopper. My point was to not worry as much about invaders but to get a gun the OP can have fun with. If Hi-Points are $600 he can get a 10/22 and the Maverick SG for the same amount. Another poster said they were still on sale for $179 but I don't remember where.

Even during the 2008 ammo scare you could nearly always find 12/20 guage shotshells.

I had an aquaintance that got in a fight with a neighbor. He stupidly followed the neighbor into his house. The neighbor grabbed a loaded 22 rifle and shot him several times in the chest. And it didn't stop him. He turned around and ran out of the house. He made it all the way to the sidewalk where he collasped and died. He didn't live more than a few seconds after the shooting started.
"Those who cannot cleanly dispatch their game using a .30-30 are either shooting too far, hunting inappropriate (too large) game, or are simply incompetent." Mic McPherson
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