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Originally Posted by WildBill45 View Post
Since a few want to know, I paid $749.00... Too much, but there are NO, and I mean NO, semi-autos around here... It is converted, and comes with TWO real AK mags...

I prefer the wood stocks for butt stroking the local bad guys, but I will take what I get at the moment. It is a working gun for me...

I used my SKS one time to save my bacon at a hunting camp in Colorado. We were out blackpowder hunting for ELK on the Elcompadre, when a camp down from us was acting up and keeping us up all night. I had enough and yelled down the valley to please lower the music because we were sleeping. They jumped in their trucks, more of them than us, and headed our way ... probably some TEXANS!

I told my other two buddies to get into the dark, and I grabbed my SKS (Chinese made) out of my wall tent and waited by the fire. When the two trucks showed up, I stood up and was holding my SKS in my hands. They turned around and went back to camp ... problem solved...

YEa, for the SKS...

PS>> Now i need to find some ammo...
I would have bought it too.

That's a pretty funny story. That's why I backpack way in to hunt. There are no dip****s 5 miles back.

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