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Since a few want to know, I paid $749.00... Too much, but there are NO, and I mean NO, semi-autos around here... It is converted, and comes with TWO real AK mags...
Honestly, $749 doesn't sound too bad these days. Prior to the scare, these converted Saigas were going for $599 online (+ shipping and FFL transfer fees).

By comparision, a few weeks ago (but after the scare had started), I bought the cheapest unconverted 7.62x39mm Saiga I could find. Add in a conversion kit and tools, and a Saturday afternoon, I'm all in at just under $700. My finished rifle looks exactly like your, with a slightly nicer KVAR fixed stock, but minus the slots cut into the Saiga forearm.

So I'd say you did pretty dang good.
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