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I have no experience with the M&P.

I am pleased enough with the Browning 1911-22. It feels like quality in the hand and I'm impressed with the fit and finish. As mentioned above, it is a bit pricey but I wanted one. Mine is the "compact" model with the wood grips; it's pretty.

It is small enough to carry as a BUG or as a primary when larger is not possible. I prefer it to my Beretta 950 simply because of the 10+1 capacity.

I've fired a couple dozen rounds though it, including some hand-fed Aguila powderless (they won't cycle) without problem and have even located a couple of spare magazines (for the price, Browning oughta stick in an extra, IMO).

Accuracy is so-so and definitely plinker-grade. I may upgrade my opinion when I've had more practice with it .

Fun level is quite good and I believe that it would make an excellent first-time trainer for kids.
I have large hands and the little pistol feels just fine to me.

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